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12 November 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Karen Khachaturov, critiques, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Helmore, going beyond Portrait mode, Ming Thein, Joe McNally and holiday photo cards.

  • In Welcome to the Utopian-Dytopian Universe of Karen Khachaturov, Miss Rosen highlights the humorous but horrifying compositions of the Armenian artist. "Here, faceless beings don masks or other identity obliterating guides that suggest we are one of many: interchangeable, replaceable, mass produced and ultimately meaningless," she writes.
  • Dave Williams explains Why These Photos Rock! The photos from Team Epic represent a variety of subjects and styles. "The idea behind this post is to offer you a range of motivation and show you some critique (albeit unwarranted, the team will only find out when they read this post that I actually did it!)," he writes.
  • Tim Adams tells the story behind the photo of Henri Cartier-Bresson Flying His Kite.
  • In L.A. Photographer Seeks Moving Pictures, Edward Helmore takes a look at a new book by Matthew Frost who collected pictures of tourists capturing their own moments in front of the famous Hollywood sign.
  • In Don't Stop With Portrait Mode -- Make Your iPhone Shots Even Better, Derrick Story explains how to take your smartphone portraits a little further. "Portraits captured with iPhones are truly impressive thanks to computational photography," he writes. "But the artist in you can take them to the next level."
  • Ming Thein has published the fourth part of 20 Stories in which he tells the story behind a few of his favorite shots.
  • In An Outdoor Studio! Hawaii Workshop Part Two, Joe McNally uses a Nikon Z7 camera and the new 85mm f1.8 to capture Cassie at Four Seasons Hualalai.
  • The Wirecutter tested a few places to come up with The Best Holiday Photo Cards. "We still think Simply to Impress is the best for most people, but Costco's premium card service may be best for Costco members," Ben Keough writes.

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