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Nikon to End Third-Party Repair Program Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

10 December 2019

According to a report published by Kevin Purdy at iFixiIt, the teardown site, Nikon will end its authorized repair program in early 2020. Purdy estimates Nikon repair facilities in the U.S. will consequently drop from "more than a dozen independent shops to two facilities."

Current authorized repair stations were notified of the change early in November by letter:

In a letter obtained by iFixit, Nikon USA told its roughly 15 remaining Authorized Repair Station members in early November that it would not renew their agreements after March 31, 2020. The letter notes that "The climate in which we do business has evolved and Nikon Inc. must do the same." And so, Nikon writes, it must "change the manner in which we make product service available to our end user customers."

The decision means access to genuine Nikon parts, specialty tools, software, manuals and training may all be suspended. Nikon stopped selling repair parts to non-authorized shops in 2012.

The company does make some parts available to anyone. "Due to the complexity of our products, only certain parts are available for purchase," it notes, however.

The company operates repair facilities in Melville, N.Y., and Los Angeles.

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