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20 December 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Bill Boswell, Maxim Dondyuk, St. Bride's of Fleet Street, Bernhard Lang, Mark Koskulitz, the iPhone 11 Pro, Capture One, Flickr Pro, Canon refurb deals and TheFilmCameraShop.

  • Bill Boswell won the Guardian's reader photo competition with his images of Greenland.
  • In Culture of the Confrontation, Lauren Kelly presents work of Ukrainian photographer Maxim Dondyuk. There is nothing worse than war -- both sides always lose," he says. Inspired by battle paintings, he makes an effort to capture both sides of the Euromaidan conflict.
  • Jonathan Blaustein discovers A Secret Chapel Under London. St. Bride's of Fleet Street features a Christopher Wren steeple that inspired the first tiered wedding cake but is called the Journalists' Church for having installed a printing press with moveable type in 1500.
  • Grace Ebert showcases Crates Stacked in Beverage Yard shot from above by Munich-based photographer Bernhard Lang. "Captured in November while Lang was flying in a small plane over the area, the series shows thousands of crates sorted by color and assembled in long lines," she writes.
  • Mark Koskulitz is the Fall Color 2019 Assignment Winner at Outdoor Photographer for his image of Nescopeck State Park. The story present a slide show of other entries worth a click, too.
  • Five Photographers Show the Strength of the iPhone 11 Pro Camera with one image each and links to their portfolios. The list includes Justin Betterman, Eon Ha, Anthony Castellon, Austin Mann plus Lauren and Jamie Eichar.
  • In this week's episode of The Grid, Matt Kloskowski and Scott Kelby discuss The Reality of Switching to Capture One:
  • The State of Flickr reproduces an emai from CEO Don MacAskill that asks Flickr Pros for help finding more Flickr Pro members. Flickr Pro offers unlimited storage, ad-free browsing, advanced stats and more. It also helps support the platform. Use coupon code 25in2019 for 25 percent off Flickr Pro.
  • Canon will take 10 percent off its refurbished cameras and lenses backed by a one-year limited warranty when you use the code HOLIDAY19 at checkout. We are great fans of refurbs. They tend to get enjoy better quality control than factory new products.
  • Oh, and here's a plug for TheFilmCameraShop, Derrick Story's one-man effort to recycle cameras, lenses and accessories from the film era at very reasonable prices. He tests the gear himself. And some of this stuff translates quite well to the digital era.

More to come! Meanwhile, please support our efforts...

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