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25 December 2019

Now and then incontrovertible evidence presents itself to us that you don't have to be wealthy to be rich. Christmas Day is one of those occasions.

We'd go so far as to suggest wealth makes it more difficult, in fact. Just from reviewing the incontrovertible evidence of the lead news stories of the recent past.

On a recent holiday stroll around Union Square, after amusing ourselves watching skaters of all ages slip around the ice rink, we stopped in front of a little window at Tiffany's. We were charmed by a couple of white mice cavorting with jewelry.

One was at the business end of a French horn. The other popped out of a sauce pan.

We were in no position to enquire about the jewelry but we liked the scenes so we unholstered our camera and captured the little guys at play.

And here they are today to amuse you.

Yes, we have to admit, it isn't much.

But it turns out that, with a camera, you can have anything you see if not quite everything your heart desires.

And that's worth a few words. Of thanks.

Detail. The little mouse can read music, which takes something other than wealth to acquire.

So today we're taking a moment to count our blessings, you among them. Whatever your wealth, may you be enriched by your pursuits. We'll be here, we promise, to help again next year.

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