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Friday Slide Show: A Holiday Medley Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

27 December 2019

This time of year it's easy to find a concert of holiday music featuring some medley of traditional melodies. But what, we wondered, would a medley of holiday images look like?

First Movement. The City.

Second Movement. Shopping.

Third Movement. Home Around the Tree.

We went through our collection of images this year to pick out a few that represented a holiday theme. We focused on preparations for the holiday, rather than the holiday itself.

There are three movements, so to speak, in this holiday medley of images.

We focused on preparations for the holiday, rather than the holiday itself.

The first is the ambience downtown with a close-up of the Palace tree before longer shots of the City of Paris tree and the Union Square tree (neither of them real but both cherished traditions in the city), along with some skaters beyond the Plexiglas wall many of them cling to. And, of course, a cable car.

The second movement takes you shopping. Window shopping, but shopping. There's an angel at Shreve's jewelry store (another San Francisco landmark), some gifts we saw in Gump's that weren't ornaments and even a Tyrannosaurus Rex lamp at SFMOMA.

The final movement is around the tree, with macros of ornaments, some of which have hung on our Christmas tree for 40 years and others on a family tree for three generations. Each of them reminds us of "someone dear to us," as the Christmas carol goes.

The piece, as it were, moves from the general to the specific. From wide angle to macro. From the cold outdoors to the cozy inside. With some amusement along the way.

It's all but an overture to the food, phone calls and family that make the day itself memorable.

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