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30 December 2019

The last days of the year always seem pretty quiet as far as news stories go. It would have been a great time to catch up on reviews if Cal, our alma mater, hadn't played in the Redbox Bowl today at Levi Stadium. Some events are so rare can't be missed.

Cleaners. Olympus E-PL1 with 14-42mm kit lens at 15mm and f5, 1/500 second and ISO 200. DNG file processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

We were waiting for a bus the other day and turned around to see the window of a dry cleaning shop we've known for years and years and years. How long? Well, the 1970s clip art in the left corner ought to be a hint.

We were used to that but we were amused this time to find every possible poster for upcoming events in the window. We'll miss them all, we think.

But we liked the image.

So we lined up a shot, hid our reflection (pretty well, no?) and got a little reflection of the buildings across the street in the sun. The shot, you could say, composed itself.

You can't see from this shot but the year 2019 is inside, taken to the cleaners. There's almost nothing left of it.

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