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1 January 2020

As the Rose Parade marches through Pasadena this morning, we archived Volume 8, Number 12 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 21 Features, 25 commented News stories, 26 Editor's Notes (which included 165 items of interest), one review and one site note for a total of 74 stories.

READERSHIP hit a new high in unique site visitors, up 111 percent from last month's high for 12 months. And that occurred with Google's mad indexing still suppressed.

We consequently delivered more pages, files and hits as well. But who's counting?

OUR TOP STORIES were clearly driven by the social media smarts of certain public relations firms who know how to spread the news. And good for them. They're the ones making friends not only for their clients but for us.

You make a profound difference here as we try to make a profound difference in how modern photography affects our lives.

But here's an interesting tidbit. Of the top ten stories last month, five of them were Around The Horn columns, the daily curation of photography links we think of as our front page.

A top ten listing doesn't mean a lot on this site, though. About 84 percent of the stories we publish have nearly identical levels of readership. And those other 16 percent are the ones published in the last few days of the month. They'll get there today or tomorrow.

Which means if we put it up, it gets read.

IF YOU'RE IN A CONTEMPLATIVE MOOD, visit our 2019 headline page with complete headlines from all the stories we published last year. That's a month early.

We usually keep the last two months on the home headline page and don't duplicate headlines on the year headline page but we're duplicating them this month so you can see the year in review.

We also updated our Highlights thumbnails for the entire year.

And you can also review the people we lost last year. Just click on the Remembering... link and then on the year.

Meanwhile we again want to express our appreciation for your continued support of Photo Corners. We get the same pitches from the same worthy causes you do and are just as annoyed as anyone by them. Every organization needs your donation, pledge, contribution.

That's why we're especially grateful to those of you who find a way to help us continue Photo Corners. You make a profound difference here as we try to make a profound difference in how modern photography affects our lives.

We wish you a very happy and prosperous 2020 -- with 20/20 vision!

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