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Miops Launches Capsule 360 Motion Box Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

14 January 2020

Miops has announced its Miops Capsule 360, a compact motion box with automated pan, tile and slide movements driven from an app.

Miops Capsule 360. Sandwiched between tripod and camera.

Compatible with any dSLR, mirrorless camera or smartphone, the Capsule 360 provides accurate object tracking and includes features for producing high-quality 360° product photography and motion time-lapses.


Highlights include:

  • 3-axis motion
  • One-touch object and face tracking
  • Automated 360° product photography
  • Enhanced motion time-lapse modes
  • Create motion path using mobile app
  • Cable-free setup


The Miops Capsule 360 is available today for $239 from B&H.

For more information see the news release below.

Miops Launches Its New Product Miops Capsule 360, the World's Most Versatile and Compact Motion Box Ever Created

New app-controlled motion box brings advanced video features such as smart-subject tracking, learned-action movement and motion time-lapse modes.

NEWARK, Del. -- Miops has launched its latest product, the Miops Capsule 360, the world's most versatile and compact motion box ever created.

The Capsule 360 enables users to quickly produce professional motion time-lapse videos and footage with smooth automated pan, tilt and slide movements (or any combination of them). Motion can be set with its user-friendly app and executed repeatedly for impressive, consistent, visual effects. Compatible with any dSLR, mirrorless or smartphone, the Capsule 360 provides accurate object tracking, making it ideal for self-shooting vloggers looking to improve their production values. The Capsule360 also has features for producing high-quality 360° product photography and motion time-lapses.

Miops Capsule 360 is the ideal companion for filmmakers and photographers who want to go further than ever before with their projects,.

Miops Capsule 360 and its features can be used for different types of photography and videography:

  • 3-Axis Motion: The Capsule 360 is designed to allow users to quickly create perfect motion for video clips. Straight out of the box, the Capsule 360 will produce smooth pans, while the optional L-Bracket for tilt motion or or the Capsule Slider for smooth movements can be added. Capsule360 requires no cables and all aspects of its speed and direction can be controlled via the Capsule 360 App.
  • One-Touch Object and Face Tracking: Whether you're self-shooting a vlog and want to be able to self-track during filming or just want a smoother method of following an object around a scene, the Capsule 360 can automatically track any object with just one click in its intuitive smartphone app.
  • Automated 360° Product Photography: Using the Capsule 360 application and the Capsule 360's turntable accessory, available separately, you can program your camera or smartphone to capture 360[!]deg; images of products quickly and automatically in just a few minutes.
  • Enhanced Motion Time-Lapse Modes: Thanks to the unique design of Capsule 360, taking Motion Time-Lapse photographs has never been easier. With the device's app, you can add advanced effects to your time-lapse creativity with bulb ramping, interval ramping, HDR or long-exposure settings. Your options are endless.
  • Create Motion Path Using Mobile App: Capsule 360 can learn motions from its easy-to-use mobile app. Use your connected smartphone to teach the Capsule 360 the desired movement and the Capsule 360 can repeat it as many times as needed. You can configure the speed of this motion and all other settings from the mobile application via Bluetooth.
  • Cable-Free Setup: Capsule 360 offers Cable-Free Setup and saves you from cable clutter.

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