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20 January 2020

Waiting for justice can be like waiting for a trickle of water to cut a path through rock. You may not live to see it. But you may.

Martin Luther King Memorial. Justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.

The half of this country that is watching history play out before its eyes hopes to see it sooner rather than later. The trial of a president accused of abusing the power of his office and subsequently obstructing justice provides the occasion.

The politics predicts acquittal.

Wouldn't it be ironic, in that case, if the nation was saved from this regime at the polls by the very people who it once enslaved?

Justice, as Dr. King said, "rolls down like water" in torrents that will not be turned back. And "righteousness like a might stream" with it, driven by the simple facts.

Who is seeking justice now? A full accounting of the facts instead of silencing testimony. A defense of our democracy instead of suppressing the right to vote.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi has been much vilified throughout her career and especially now over the impeachment of this president. But we were always proud to vote for her when she represented our slice of San Francisco.

Her moral compass always points north no matter which way the wind blows. And in this tempest, she has served our country with distinction.

We may miss the days of heroes like Dr. King and Rep. John Lewis. But heroes are among us now.

And as we wait for justice to roll down, we pause today to salute them whether they serve by standing before the nation or going to the polls. They are the force of justice that can not be diverted.

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