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31 January 2020

We had lunch in Berkeley earlier this week with family from out of town. The meter was ticking so we didn't have much time for a tour near the restaurant but Berkeley can be counted on for miracles.

In fact, we only had to cross University Avenue at Shattuck to wander down Addison St. to enjoy the city's Poetry Walk, a block-long installation of 120 individual cast-iron plates with porcelain enameled poems incised into them.

And if you happen to look up, you'll find the Berkeley Rep theater and the Freight & Salvage. There's also a public restroom, which can come in handy after a big lunch.

We were not just a little amused to find Alta's poem Judy Comes to Visit on the same day our sister-in-law Judy departed. Priceless.

The poetry wasn't all on the plaques, we realized, as we wandered down the sidewalk. The old buildings with new residents were uplifting, especially the brick bakery turned into an educational center. And one big window called the Cube Space was stuffed with a colorful art installation by Sofie Ramos called Opposite Day in which everything is topsy turvy. We even found a nearby standpipe inspiring.

It wasn't technically on Addison (jut around the corner) but we thought we'd indulge in a little poetic license to include it here. No need for a miracle.

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