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10 February 2020

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Ian Bates, Wacom, color, the Sigma fp in monochrome, 12 tripod brands and Lightroom typography.

  • In Photographer Ian Bates Follows the Meadowlark Across Northwestern America, Emily Grundon presents a few images of the San Francisco photographer's latest series. It's tough to be a bird. Especially if you're the state bird of six states. Lot of commuting over desolate landscapes.
  • Melissa Ashcraft responds to concerns about the opt-in Wacom Experience Program that collects data on driver usage. "The reason why Wacom collects data through its software driver is for quality insurance and development purposes only," she writes. Then she details exactly what goes on.
  • In Color Me Confused, Thom Hogan explains how color happens. "Color is all done downstream of the image sensor as you interpret the data that was captured," he writes. Downstream is still in the camera with a JPEG but Raw converters handle the task for those files.
  • Kirk Tuck published a number of posts on the Sigma fp this weekend, the latest of which shows off the camera's monochrome setting. "I'm happy with the way the stuff turned out," he admits.
  • Best Tripod Brands Today: 12 Top Picks lists a few models for each brand. "Really good tripods cost, well, more than most photographers are ready to acknowledge," Viktor Elizarov writes. But they aren't furniture. You need something you'll actually use. And usability is often at odds with stability.
  • Dear Adobe: Can You Please Make Type Good in Lightroom? pleads Scott Kelby. "Lightroom has the most limited type features of any program you have today on your computer," he complains. We second the motion after giving up on a Lightroom Web gallery and using Photo Mechanic just to get captions under the images.

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