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11 February 2020

Ferocious winds blew through here on Sunday. Edgehill Mountain protected us from any serious damage but others were not as lucky. Today we took the bike up Twin Peaks to do a few laps in the calm and warm (71°) air and as we got to the top, this is what we saw.

Looking North. Point Reyes from Twin Peaks.

That little arm of land 50 miles to the north is Point Reyes and the entrance to Drake's Bay. You don't often get to see that far -- or that clearly -- with the atmospheric haze, fog and mist around here. But today we did.

So we got off the bike and off the road and took a snapshot.

We had the wrong camera and wrong lens for the job but we had to try out the new Adobe Camera Raw defaults that marry a preset to a camera. All our usual biases codified in a preset, how lovely.

We did feel obliged to tweak the sliders anyway. Especially Dehaze.

But this isn't an artist's rendering. This is what it looked like through our polarized glasses as we pumped the pedals up the hill.

Glorious, in a word.

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