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26 February 2020

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Anne Helene Gjelstad, Johannes Bauer, women refugee photographers, Smithsonian Open Access, composites, depression and Datacolor discounts.

  • Anne Helene Gjelstad has published her striking images of women on the isolated Estonian islands of Kihnu and Manija in Big Heart, Strong Hands. The Guardian presents a handsome selection of these photos of "the last matriarchal society in Europe."
  • In Finding Beauty in the Details, Charles Purdy points out German photographer Johannes Bauer "focuses his camera on details that other people might overlook."
  • In Another Eye: Women Refugee Photographers, Marigold Warner reviews a new exhibition opening in London. During the 1930s, more than 70,000 refugees came to Britain from Nazi-dominated Europe, including a surprising number of women photographers. The exhibition brings their work together for the first time in Britain.
  • Smithsonian Open Access now includes 2.8 million more public domain images. The Smithsonian said it plans to add another 200,000 image before the year is up as it continues to digitize its collection of 155 million items.
  • Dennis Dunbar provides some Inside Tips on Building a Great Composite. He dives into six fundamental factors: layer structure, masking, color correction, lighting, perspective and depth of field.
  • In Can Photography Help Depression?, Ellyn Kail interviews five artists about the relationship between their depression and their photography practice. "While they all said photography helped them in some way, shape or form, their methods and reasons were all unique," she writes.
  • Datacolor is offering significant savings on its line of color calibration tools and kits through March 1.

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