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3 March 2020

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Night Mode photos,Tyler Sharp, Joe McNally, scholarship opportunities, Coronavirus and OpticWest.

  • Apple Reveals the Best Night Mode Photos Shot on iPhone presents the winning images from the company's night mode photo photo challenge.
  • In Modern Huntsman: Tyler Sharp, Heidi Volpe interviews the photographer, a writer and a CEO behind the new magazine.
  • Joe McNally is Honoring a Firefighter's Life with a tribute to Danny Foley who he photographed after 9/11.
  • In Don't Miss These Upcoming 2020 Scholarship Opportunities, Michelle Crozier lists the deadlines for Adobe's "scholarships, grants, and career development programs for undergrads, graduate students and career switchers."
  • Dave Williams surveyed Coronavirus Implications for a number of photo companies including Peak Design, Apple, Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon, Sony and Sigma.
  • OpticWest is a two-day outdoor, photo/video, travel imaging conference premiering in San Francisco on March 22 and 23 sponsored by B&H and Lindblad Expeditions. The agenda includes lectures, photo walks, conservation showcase, selective trade show with top brands, plus workflow and critique sessions.

More to come! Meanwhile, please support our efforts...

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