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4 March 2020

We were minding our own business, strolling down the sidewalk on a sunny weekend afternoon, when we were hit by a vision. We stopped, turned around and returned to the home we had just passed. We rubbed our eyes to make sure we were not seeing things. But there it was.

Old Bones. Single family residence with a car in front.

The remains of a vehicle abandoned on the front lawn. But further investigation suggested something else was going on.

  • The vehicle was stripped to its skeleton like a dead mule in the desert.
  • The tires were inflated to the correct pressure when cold.
  • The steering column was raised in a nearly obscene salute.
  • No seating to discourage the indolent from loitering.
  • The lawn was recently mowed to fairway length, the flower beds weeded.

It was obviously not an automotive repair project. It was, instead, a work of art on display in front of the family home.

Not unlike those bleached animal skulls decorating fashionable yards in the Southwest.

We took a snapshot and continued on only wondering later if the house itself wasn't like the car: not really needing keys any more.

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