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5 March 2020

Mike Johnston started it. His red chair has become something of a meme. So much so that when we passed by this red chair we almost hoped it had been painted green.

The Other Red Chair. Well, there are three sizes in this image.

Alas, it too was painted red. But, it distinguished itself by being oversized. So we endangered our life standing next to the roadway to capture this shot.

The beady eyed will notice that the enormous red chair is only part of the joke. There are a couple of small green ones at its feet. And, if you are particularly well endowed vision-wise, you'll notice a couple of natural ones that are normal size in the back.

We really should have called this image Goldilocks and the Three Chairs.

The temptation to trespass and take a selfie of ourself seated on the red chair was squashed by the realization that no selfie would do justice to the disparity in size. It takes some distance. More than an arm's length. You know, to show the disparity.

So we contented ourselves with the comparison between the size of the chair and the Tesla and, for those unfamiliar with Teslas, the tetherball.

And if Mike Johnston sees this, we can only apologize. We don't get out much and we were overwhelmed by the thing.

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