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16 March 2020

As we took our daily constitutional earlier today, the mayor was announcing a six-county remain-in-place order for everyone effective at midnight. Restaurants are only permitted to do take-out business and non-essential businesses are to close. We've been ordered to make ourselves scarce.

Another Red Chair. This one, however, has seen better days.

Climbing the hill homeward, we came across this battered red chair. It isn't the sort of thing we usually see around here. Especially since it appeared to be the weapon in a fight, slammed against something that broke its front leg.

So we took the picture. A sign of the times, we thought.

We spent more than a few hours in our youth trying to fix the end-of-life chairs we had acquired for our small apartment. They weren't as bad as this one but not far from it.

Some had been nailed back toward stability, others wired, until we discovered the trick to repairing a wooden chair is glue in the joints.

Goes for human beings, too. Sticking together (if six feet apart) makes us stronger.

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