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17 March 2020

We just now noticed, in compiling our See Also list, that we have never published a greeting on St. Patrick's Day in even years. Until now.

Ingenuity. Just the thing for washing your hands.

The explanation relies on a confession: we don't have many St. Patrick's Day photos. A text-only story would not be in keeping with the holiday, we think, despite the Irish gift for gab.

This year we made an effort to scout out a few. And we were enabled in this hunt by the gift of a hand towel from the one genuine first-generation Irishman we know. His name, like so many, is Patrick Doyle.

We have seen him celebrate the day many different ways over the years. Bringing corned beef and cabbage to work (for everybody). Barbecuing indoors (after finagling a vent in the ceiling). Serving a beer (suspiciously greened).

It's his purpose to make an Irishman of everybody. To share the joy of his heritage (and pride).

This year, of course, the rules of the game have been changed as we hide from and dodge the virus that has swept the globe.

But there was Patrick a few days early with a pair of shamrock-decorated towels for us and some chocolate liqueurs, which we were not aware were traditional fare. And then he disappeared (having parked in front of the freight elevator).

Sometimes it takes a little ingenuity to continue a tradition. Like passing out towels (or publishing in an even year).

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