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1 April 2020

We've just archived Volume 9, Number 3 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 20 Features, 28 commented News stories, 26 Editor's Notes (which included 185 items of interest), one review and one site note for a total of 76 stories.

Thirty-six of our stories featured 169 images, which is after all the business we're in.

THE BIG NEWS of the month, of course, is that halfway through the world started sheltering-in-place in an effort to avoid the novel coronavirus Covid-19. In addition to the effect that is having on everyone, we saw it play out here in several ways, too.

For one thing, it brought an end to museum and gallery visits for a while and our calendar updates reflected that. No new openings, in short.

Our top stories will have to remain a mystery this month.

It also inadvertently affected our readership counts. For about the last week of the month, our service provider did not provide the daily stats we use to measure site traffic. And, considering the serious situation, we were in no position to complain when they weren't able to respond promptly to our ticket.

Which is a shame, because we were going gangbusters around here earlier in the month. Fortunately, the issue seems resolved as we begin April.

OUR TOP STORIES will have to remain a mystery this month. With our stats cut off the last week of the month, none of the stories we published in that period show up with a single click at all. And we know they all get at least one when we confirm they are working.

Before that unfortunate failure, though, our matinees did distinguish themselves during the month. The early ones were at the top of the list of those first stories that were being counted.

We were glad to see that because it's getting harder and harder to find good content for our Saturday Matinee. We dig through a number of sources, each of which has a different mix of content, but all of which are flooded with videos that simply don't make the cut.

So we look longer and harder for something to inform us and engage you. And it seems last month we got lucky. Cross your fingers for this month.

WE'RE NOT INCLINED to bring up the subject of support this month because we are all likely struggling with reduced income during the coronavirus crisis. But when it's over, we do ask you to remember who kept the light on for you and, if you survive financially, send a cup of coffee or a glass of wine our way so we can celebrate the victory with you.

Until then, stay safe, friend.

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