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Adobe Lists Free Tutorials, Tips, Transition Help Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

14 April 2020

Adobe has curated a list of its free beginner tutorials, transition help to new apps and more bite-sized content on social media to make sheltering in place a less monastic experience.

Whether you want to explore how to move from Apple Photos to Lightroom or enhance the colors in a sunset, Adobe has a tutorial for you. And if you've just got a minute to spare, the Lightroom YouTube channel will be posting new episodes of #InALightroomMinute.

The full list follows:


Photoshop tutorials for beginners include:

Lightroom tutorials for beginners include:


If you want to transition from one photo app to another, the company offers these three tutorials:


Additionally, new bite-sized content is being shared weekly on Photoshop & Lightroom's social channels, for those who want to learn new skills without the time commitment. The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom YouTube channel will be posting new episodes of #InALightroomMinute, which are quick one-minute tutorials. And the most recent video from Photoshop's new #PHOMO series is a tutorial on how to render brand new graphics in Photoshop from Adobe Evangelist, Paul Trani.

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