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16 April 2020

Taking our usual walk through the neighborhood the other day, we noticed it wasn't just our garden that was blossoming. The whole city was blooming. All we had to do was look up.

A Bright Spot. Olympus E-PL1 with 14-42mm II R at 18mm (36mm equivalent) and f8, 1/1000 second and ISO 200.

We snatched this shot the minute we saw the blossoms waving at us in the wind. But then a strong gust came up, insisting on the right of way, and made it impossible to do any better than we had.

We contented ourselves with images of blooming Wisteria (that just don't reproduce well here) and some cherry blossoms giving the clouds a run for their money (that likewise didn't please us).

And we kept walking, of course.

But nothing quite compared with that first shot of the day. We thought we could do better but we didn't. And yet, it was good enough.

A bright spot in an otherwise aimless day.

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