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24 April 2020

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Marzena Skubatz, Gertrude Brugman, home printing, eclipsed lenses, Darkroom 4.6, a serious Image Capture bug and a Miops giveaway.

  • Berlin-based photographer Marzena Skubatz documents The Incredible and Mystical Energy of Iceland in neutral tones. "Her stunning series of images portrays a side of Iceland that many deem mysterious, drawing out intricate textures and bold compositions with each frame," Stephanie Wade writes.
  • In Lovely Woman, by Gertrude A. Brugman, Francis Hodgson begins by admitting he'd never heard of the photographer whose image of Miss Branagan cleaning up the street in New York in 1917 he found online, along with some other goodies. "Nobody with access to a computer can be bored, even in Covid-19 days, while there is still online access to the Library of Congress," he writes.
  • Is Home Printing Too Expensive? Mike Johnston asks. You already know the answer but sometimes it's just nice to commiserate.
  • In Lenses I've Fallen Out of Love With, Thom Hogan admits he's been "been enticed by new loves." Not that the old ones were bad.
  • In Darkroom 4.6 Adds Video to Its Excellent Photo Editing Workflow, John Voorhees applauds the addition of video editing in the iOS and iPadOS app. "You can edit videos the same way you do photos, but video-specific edits like trimming the ends of a clip, chopping them up into multiple clips, applying transitions and separately editing audio aren't possible, for example," he writes.
  • In Another macOS Bug in Image Capture, the NeoFinder team reports using the program to convert HEIC files into JPEGs and unchecking Keep Originals will pad the JPEGs with "1.5-MB of totally empty data to every single photo file it creates." NeoFinder has notified Apple.
  • Miops is running an Instagram Giveaway in which it will give away a Miops product each week. To enter, just fill out its short questionnaire. The company is also offering a 15 discount on its products when you use the code STAY@HOME at checkout.

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