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1 May 2020

We've just archived Volume 9, Number 4 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 21 Features, 27 commented News stories, 27 Editor's Notes (which included 170 items of interest), three reviews and two site notes for a total of 80 stories.

That total included 35 stories with 167 images, one holiday (which was something of a feature story itself), two gear stories and four obituaries.

READERSHIP was tracked on a daily basis once again and rebounded from the partial figures tallied last month. We're writing this before final numbers come in but it appears we're right where we were two months ago, if not a little better.

OUR TOP STORY was easily Katrin Eismann's Five Tips For Pleasing Portraits followed by our Easter story and a news story, Adobe Lists Free Tutorials, Tips, Transition Help.

The beauty of the natural world hasn't been diminished.

Those were followed by six Around The Horn columns, our front page.

We didn't publish exclusively about the coronavirus, preferring to focus on the art and craft of photography. But the pandemic could not be avoided, showing up in the various slide shows and other news items of the month.

We hope we maintained a healthy balance, neither avoiding the pandemic's affect on us nor becoming consumed by it. We didn't count but we suspect we published a lot more landscapes and floral images in April than usual.

The beauty of the natural world hasn't been diminished.

Interestingly enough, we didn't lack for news this month even as the industry slowed down noticeably. A year ago we published 88 stories, 28 of them news stories. Compare that to our 80 stories this month with 27 news stories.

WE DID INTRODUCE a few refinements to the site, as we explained in Site Tweaks: Footnotes, Content Alerts. And we put them to use immediately, of course.

We also added banners for Adorama's daily and B&H's regular specials, which are worth separating from the pack for their changing content. We check them daily ourselves.

Behind the scenes, we've expanded our Keyboard Maestro-based automation to some tasks we'd done manually for a while. These were small efficiencies but it's surprising how helpful they've been.

One thing we won't automate, though, is our gratitude for being able to spend our days this way. And that's thanks to you.

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