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4 May 2020

We're no fan of ice plant having acquired a distinct dislike for the stuff as a boy. It grew as ground cover on the embankment behind our home that led to the road which led to the lake. We were forever slipping down it trying to get somewhere.

Ice Plant. Captured on an iPhone 6 Plus at 4.15mm and f2.2, 1/3968 second and ISO 32. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

But the other day we noticed a blanket of magenta flowers with yellow centers in a neighbor's yard and had to stop to take a photo of the joyous display.

We'd watched the little yard between the street and the sidewalk turn into a garden over a couple of years. It started with a short stone retaining wall and then a stone yard with succulents planted at regular intervals. And now they've grown in.

Those lovely flowers are ice plant blossoms. Imagine that

This particular variety is the larger one. We've seen other nearby front gardens with smaller ice plant and smaller flowers. Turns out there's quite a variety of the species.

But they're all slippery in our book. And not to be relied on.

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