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5 May 2020

On Sunday Teacher Appreciation Week began and today is Teacher Appreciation Day, also called National Teacher Day. But last night as we were tossing the pizza dough in the kitchen, we looked out the window and saw this refreshing sight:

So we dusted the flour off our hands and grabbed the camera and took a few shots of the poster being affixed to the SUV.

Before the pizza came out of the oven, a line of SUVs had formed on the street. They rolled slowly up the hill to the grammar school, each one stopping briefly to greet someone at the top of the hill.

They went around again to greet another person, horns honking and balloons bouncing.

It was a tribute for a couple of eighth grade teachers, we surmise. School has been closed for the rest of this year and graduation will probably be conducted online. But this class was not going to be denied a chance to say thanks.

Since the quarantine went into effect we've missed the little students going to class each morning, bent over by their backpacks or yanking rollers up the hill to the school building.

We've never entirely understood why they run to school even when there's no danger of being late. In our day, the impulse was to flee in the other direction.

But they seem to love the place. Or maybe it's the people there who teach them.

That would explain it.

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