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8 May 2020

Things have been quieter than usual, you may have noticed, in our little sector of the economy. Product introductions have slowed, exhibits have been closed, even slide shows are trickling to a precious few.

It wasn't always like that, of course. So we thought we'd play time machine and add a link to our Around The Horn column, which we continually remind everyone is our front page.

And that link would be to a Horn from the past. A year ago, precisely.

This is the second day we've run it, after testing it (and automating it) yesterday. We like it, especially since we don't actually have to do anything to create it.

Well, not much anyway. Like all the links, we test it. And we're going to run into a day when there just wasn't a Horn precisely a year ago. But in that case we can shift the link to five years ago, just for fun.

We hope you find it as amusing as we do. Do let us know with the Feedback button.

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