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11 May 2020

It was, for many of us, a frustrating Mother's Day. The physical distancing protecting us from the deadly Covid-19 virus squashed any of the usual plans like taking Mom to lunch or a fancy dinner, just as it made any gathering risky.

Detail. Olympus E-PL1 with 14-42mm II R and Lensbaby +10 macro converter at f8, 1/60 second and ISO 200. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

On top of that, we spent over an hour trying to redeem a Google Play book for our own mother. She used to love to read but her eyesight has failed and being able to listen to her Google Home Mini read an audio book to her has been a blessing.

But for some reason clicking on the Redeem button in the email Google sent never did redeem the gift. In the end, we had to settle for a refund. Which does not make for much of a present.

It wasn't much better in Rochester where, one friend emailed us this morning, visiting their son and his pregnant wife and their daughter was dicey. "We chatted in the back yard in 40 degree chill," he wrote. "No hugging and keeping six feet apart is not an easy task. But 'it is what it is'!"

We did manage to get one thing right, though.

A good friend of Mom's had given her an orchid a while ago and it was in full bloom. So Mom asked us photograph it and send the photo to her since she couldn't visit.

We took the full portrait below with an iPhone but we also brought along the Olympus with a Lensbaby macro converter for the shot above.

Full plant. iPhone 6 Plus at f2.2, 1/120 second and ISO 50, processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

So, as a consolation for a Mother's Day that left more than a little to be desired, we thought we'd share them with you today.

Their grace rises to the occasion, like mothers tend to do, even in difficult times.

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