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12 May 2020

Rosemary, oh, rosemary. Forgive us for forgetting your powers in this pandemic. Would that thou wouldst be the woody wonder drug we so need now. Thine fragrance, alas, wafts no less than oregano, thyme, basil or lavender.

Rosemary. Olympus E-PL1 with 14-42mm II R and Lensbaby +4 and +10 macro converters at f3.6, 1/250 second and ISO 200 just after the rain. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

You fortify with iron, calcium and vitamin B-6. Bees, who are no fools, visit your blossoms daily. Unbeknownst to them, you alleviate muscle pain in the weary, improve memory in the forgetful and boost both the immune and circulatory systems where blood still flows.

But then what doesn't?

And, we hasten to point out, your green spikes are also said to promote hair growth.

You are perennial! Green even in the winter, green through summer, green as autumn falls, green before everything else in spring. You exhibit the eternal youth you bring back to the brain and the digestive tract, making even older members of the race more engaging on two counts.

Do not take rosemary if you are pregnant, obese, involved in a lawsuit or nauseating to your friends. Very high doses may cause vomiting, coma and pulmonary edema. Consult a doctor immediately if you swallow a bee while ingesting the herb.

You flavor a seductive silver tea, you raise chicken into an elevated roast, you enrich poorer cousins generously, you pose for pictures without blinking or wavering in the wind.

Science has neglected your study only because the benefits are so obvious.

Just your scent can improve any person's concentration, and hence their performance, speed and accuracy. And (to a lesser extent only among the wealthy) their mood.

Your carnosic acid battles free radicals in the brain like a first responder. And your soft touch aids even stroke victims to recover, protecting them against further damage and assisting in recovery like an ICU nurse.

Your anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor powers promise to inhibit the spread of a wide spectrum of cancer cells and is even said to tame the carcinogens that develop on the stove frying the fats we love to savor.

Oh, Rosemary, we can only ask one more thing of you....

Save us from this coronavirus or, short of that, save us at least from the charlatans profanely fiddling on our human heart strings!

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