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19 May 2020

We stumbled upon these Peruvian lilies growing in a patch around the corner from us this weekend when we went out for a walk. We were immediately attracted to them and took a few shots.

Peruvian Lilies. Friendship and devotion.

Native to South America, you can find them everywhere now because with multiple blooms per stem that last up to two weeks in a vase, they're ideal for bouquets. And it doesn't hurt that they symbolize friendship and devotion.

Multiple blooms: friendship. Long lasting: devotion.

Like any flower, Peruvian lilies go by a few names. Alstroemeria, for one. Lily of the Incas and Parrot Lily, for two more.

And they have their peculiarities, too. If it gets hot, they stop flowering. And even when flowering, they have no fragrance.

You can read into that what you like.

We prefer to think they know how to conserve energy by not flowering during a heat wave. The heat would only wither their work. And lacking a fragrance is just another way of saying hypoallergenic.

But these days we're making it a practice to look on the bright side.

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