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Photoshop on iPad Gets Curves, Brush Sensitivity Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

19 May 2020

In a blog post by Pam Clark today, Adobe announced it has updated its free Photoshop on iPad app with a new Curves tool and brush sensitivity.


Curves. This essential editing tool has made it to the tablet.

In announcing the new Curves too, Clark pointed out just where development stands at the moment:

This first version includes adjustments of tonal curves for all channels, multi-node selections and some great new affordances to enable the app to recognize when you want to tap and drag a node with your finger or pencil or select it. We know many of our customers on the desktop rely on the numerical inputs for precise adjustments. These number inputs, along with the eyedropper tools will ship soon in a future release.


Pressure Sensitivity. The app now responds to a light touch.

The new brush sensitivity allows you to "adjust the pressure sensitivity of your Apple Pencil for more precise brushing, cloning and other effects when using brush-based tools," she wrote.

Customers had complained they had to press to hard to make strokes. The new Pressure Sensitivity slider allows both a Light and Heavy touch.


The new version is available now at no charge on the App Store.

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