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Adobe Updates Its 'Brand Identity' Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

29 May 2020

In the blog post Evolving Our Brand Identity, Sonja Hernandez, who leads the brand and icons design teams at Adobe, announced the rollout of changes to the company's "brand identity" that include a refreshed Adobe logo and updated product logos "to accommodate the range of operating systems and devices our products can be used on."

"We're making these branding changes to ensure our portfolio continues to be easy for our customers to navigate and understand, as well as maintain a fresh look and feel," she wrote.

New Logos. Adobe, Creative Cloud, Product logos are being updated.

The new logo, replaced the one in use since 1993, is designed to be "as functional as possible at all sizes and across all surfaces," Hernandez explained. In addition to the new, more abstract font derived, it would seem more from Illustrator than Postscript, the red has become warmer.

A new Creative Cloud logo includes the colors of the company's product brands and its new corporate red together in a gradient "that represents the importance of creativity."

Meanwhile product logos will continue use the current two-letter mnemonic system across the whole portfolio but drop the borders. But Adobe will also be adding three-letter mnemonics to the system to help customers better identify product families. Photoshop will retains Ps but Adobe Photoshop Camera will use PsC. Color will indicate how organize products are organized into categories such as Video & Motion or Photography.

Other products are getting similar updates.

"This new system began rolling out at Adobe's online SUMMIT event in March and will continue in the coming weeks," Hernandez wrote.

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