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31 May 2020

We were on our way to the butcher to pick up something for Sunday dinner when, passing the public middle school, we saw this scene. We passed by, thinking it over, and on the way back, snapped a shot.

The killing of George Floyd has upset a nation already traumatized by the coronavirus and massive unemployment.

Demanding justice for Floyd, people of all colors have taken to the streets to protest the cruel death served him under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer as he begged for mercy.

And right behind them an ugly swarm of looters has smashed through, trying to discredit the peaceful protests.

Justice demands distinguishing between peaceful protest and looting. Justice demands those complicit in Floyd's death be held accountable. Justice demands that the man whose knee suffocated Floyd be tried for his murder.

And justice, we thought, demands something better of us all.

That's what we were thinking as we climbed the hill back to our house this Sunday. It was indeed a sad ascent.

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