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8 June 2020

In today's episode of Always Take a Camera With You, your absent-minded editor leaves the house with his bandana wrapped around his neck but forgets to take his camera.

He has a pleasant walk uphill that yields stunning views and slaps his forehead when, reaching for his camera holster, he realizes he is more nimble than usual because he didn't weigh himself down with the camera.

His stupefying regret turns to remorse as he trudges home, hardly able to open his eyes for fear of seeing some photogenic scene, when he has to look to see if the street light is red or green.

Only then does he notice the apparition on the horizon.

He first notices the flag flying bravely in the fierce 20 mph wind. Then he takes in the old glory of the colorful truck body. It's parked in a busy lot with a pedestrian grocery cart beached unceremoniously beside it.

It is, in its way, as glorious as the Statue of Liberty.

Except, unlike that symbol of freedom, it moves. And shortly, as your absent-minded editor stands across the road admiring it, Tony Ly returns to his truck, climbs up to the top in nearly a single bound and wraps the flag up so he can hit the road.

He takes it down, presumably because the total height exceeds the clearance of certain overpasses on his return to Hercules, Calif.

A native of Cambodia, Ly is a co-owner of the Cafe Tapioca in Hercules. He appears to have his own ideas about how to outfit a Toyota Tundra, which are inexplicably sold without flags.

But for the foolishness of your editor, we could have provided an image of his legendary truck for your amusement if not education.


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