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Adobe Enhances Its Ecosphere Again With June Updates Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

16 June 2020

Adobe has released new features and numerous collaboration and productivity enhancements to its Creative Cloud apps, including Photoshop, Lightroom, XD, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and more.


Links to the details on each product follow:

  • Photoshop: Pam Clark covers "the largest batch of features since the Adobe MAX conference in November 2019. Sensei AI and performance improvements provide refined content aware selection to handle human beings and finer Select Subject selections:
  • Lightroom: Sharad Mangalick writes about the Local Hue control in Adobe Camera Raw which is explored more fully by Greg Zulkie. He also discusses Raw defaults, ISO adaptive presets, sharing improvements, performance enhancements and more. Here's more on the Camera Raw update (but there's no Crop tool):
  • Behance & Adobe Live: Will Allen highlights Behance's new search query to find individual images rather than whole projects. He also covers Adobe Live's mobile initiative. "Now, you can also watch Adobe Live right from your mobile device, so you no longer need to be at your desk to get inspired by pros or to participate in chat," he writes.
  • Adobe XD: Mike Schwartz showcases XD's design tokens, stacks, scroll groups and more.
  • Illustrator: Wayne Hoang details what's new in Adobe's venerable vector image editing application, including Cloud document fast saves and version history, a much bigger canvas, real-time drawing and editing, plus a few reader-requested improvements like cut-and-paste artboards, faster startup, rulers for multiple documents and file export saves improvements.
  • Video & Audio: Eric Philpott covers Adobe Stock audio integration in Premiere Pro and some new Sensei AI features coming soon.
  • Premiere Rush: Janet Mozaffari showcases the new Effects Panel, which houses Transitions and Motion Effects:
  • InDesign: Sara Linderman highlights the new Share for Review feature launching of a suite of collaboration tools:
  • Adobe Fonts: Molly Doane notes, among other user-suggested improvements, you can now search for fonts using "descriptive terms like Friendly, Rough or Futuristic to discover type that suits the mood of your project."
  • Adobe Aero: Chantel Benson writes that Adobe's AR application will now import audio files "to create rich multi-sensory experiences." The update also includes new authoring enhancements and better video capture.
  • Substance Alchemist: Adobe's 3D application adds the quality of AI-based image to material workflow for perfect albedos, drag-and-drop textures and painting in the 2D view.
  • Adobe Animate: Ajay Shukla discusses auto-keyframing, asset reuse, social sharing and more. "This release is geared toward simplifying the animation creation process, reusable assets, easy sharing and, of course, a significant performance boost," he writes.
  • Creative Cloud Collaboration Features: Annemarie Beliard provides an overview of the Cloud-based enhancements focused on working at home.


In addition, the company released some interesting usage stats about its Creative Cloud product:

  • Photoshop on iPad has been downloaded over two million times and customers have created over five million cloud documents with it.
  • Adobe has seen an uptick from social content creators using Premiere Rush to keep up with the growing demand for online video content. The app has seen a 75 percent increase in monthly active users quarter over quarter.
  • Over 1.5 million users started an in-app tutorial in Lightroom last month and over 3 million viewed an inspirational edit.


We're currently updating the Create Suite with these June releases and will report later on the enhancements.

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