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1 July 2020

We've just archived Volume 9, Number 6 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 18 Features, 32 commented News stories, 26 Editor's Notes (which included 191 items of interest), 4 reviews and 4 site notes for a total of 84 stories.

Forty of those stories were accompanied by 215 images, which is something you should expect of a site focused on photography. And five stories included gear specification tables to drool over. We also published two obituaries last month.

As we compiled the archive page listings of headlines at the end of the month, we were surprised to see how rarely stories of the same kind (reviews, features, news, notes, etc.) were bunched together. Instead, June saw few runs of several news stories or several features in a row.

The variety of stories remained constant, as it has since the first issue. But with barely a news story a day (apart from the Horn), the daily menu was more diverse.

The newly-expanded glossary has getting a workout, too.

THE TOP STORIES (so far) for the month included two features, a review, two slide shows and five Horns. And in the next 10, we counted two matinees, two reviews, two news stories and four Horns.

That listing will change as time goes on. The most recent in the top 20 was published on June 19, over 10 days ago. It takes you a while to catch up with us, apparently. No problem, we'll be here when you're ready.

The newly-expanded glossary has getting a workout, too. Interestingly, the new Full Text Search is more popular than searches for individual terms. Can't blame you, though. We can't think of another online glossary that offers a full text search and it really broadens what you can learn from a reference source.

READERSHIP was steady, reflecting the levels we've enjoyed all year after throttling back the indexing engines last year.

Some time ago we wrote a small script to email us a short report quoting the bytes transferred each day so we can monitor heavy usage by indexing bots. That's really paid off. We noticed some activity at the end of last month that inflated our numbers but this month we only had one day of higher-than-normal activity.

That helps us make sure don't exceed our bandwidth allowance so we can keep the site up.

WE HAVE FOUND it prudent to lay low during the corona virus pandemic not just for our own health but because we're the primary caretaker for our 93-year-old mother. You know, the one she calls when a light bulb goes out. The less we're exposed, the less she's threatened.

But we do get out for a walk every day. And we do wear a mask to protect others as well as ourselves. It's not a political statement, as someone observed recently, but an IQ test.

Our mask is actually a 20 year old do wrap from the Survivor TV show with Reebok logos emblazoned all over it. It's just a tube of stretchable fabric we pull over our head down to our neck. And wash in soap and water now and then.

We do enjoy going to the bank wearing a mask, we have to say. So keep that financial support coming. Our appreciation for your help has always been reflected in our productivity. Which, we think it's fair to say, is pretty high.

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