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1 July 2020

Nikon has welcomed two new talented photographers to its Ambassador Program, Jide Alakija and Audrey Woulard. Both Alakija and Woulard embody the philosophy of Nikon's Ambassador Program, the company said, which is to empower creatives through education and inspiration, while making important contributions to modern photography and filmmaking.

Jide Alakija holds over a decade of experience shooting weddings, documentaries and editorial campaigns throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Recognized by some of the world's premier art collectors and galleries, including the Smithsonian Institute Collection, Alakija's work transcends cultural bounds and showcases his own passion for diverse perspectives.

Audrey Woulard is a professional portrait, commercial and editorial photographer specializing in children's portraiture. With over 16 years of professional experience, Woulard has developed distinctive techniques to ensure her portrait sessions are engaging experiences that tap into the subject's passions, allowing her to create photos that are completely unique to her clients. She brings this approach to the forefront of her Chicago-based photography studio, Kids and the City, as well as in her tutorials and workshops.

For more information see the news release below.

Nikon Adds Two Talented Photographers to Its Ambassador Program: Audrey Woulard and Jide Alakija

Audrey Woulard and Jide Alakija Push the Boundaries of Creativity and Exemplify the Principles of the Nikon Ambassador Program to Educate and Inspire

MELVILLE, N.Y. -- Today, Nikon Inc. is proud to announce the additions of world class photographers Jide Alakija and Audrey Woulard to its prestigious Ambassador Program, further expanding the talent of this esteemed group of professional creators. The Nikon Ambassador Program unites some of the most versatile and influential voices in the photography community, joined by a commitment to educate and inspire, while making significant contributions to modern photography and filmmaking. These individuals offer a unique perspective and style that help advance the imaging industry and shape the way audiences see the world.

Meet Nikon's newest ambassadors:

Audrey Woulard is a Chicago-based photographer and educator, who has 16 years of professional experience specializing in children's portraiture, commercial and editorial photography. For Woulard, portrait photography is more than just capturing a subject, but about providing an engaging experience that taps into the subject's passions to create a photo that is completely unique to them. Her photography studio, Kids and the City, embraces this very principle, giving adolescents an opportunity to express their individuality and define their own style during their formative years.

Woulard is committed to spreading her knowledge as an internationally known leader of portrait photography, hosting various tutorials and workshops and speaking at some of the industry's top events and on stage for Nikon. "I am passionate about sharing my techniques and experience with the creative community, so that we can learn and grow from one another. I am honored to continue educating as part of the Nikon Ambassador program," said Woulard on being added to the program.

Jide Alakija is an internationally renowned photographer with more than ten years of experience photographing weddings, documentaries and editorial campaigns. He has garnered recognition by some of the world's premier collectors and galleries, including the Smithsonian Institute Collection. Alakija's work has taken him around the world to capture diverse perspectives. Outside of his high-profile client work, Alakija is dedicated to exploring his passion for African art. He is the co-owner of TAFETA, a private London-based art gallery specializing in 20th century and contemporary African art, which is regularly showcased at prominent events such as Art Basel and the Frieze London Art Fair.

In addition to running his New York based studio, Alakija embodies the Nikon Ambassador commitment of empowering the next generation by sharing inspirational stories on the Nikon stage at tradeshows, hosting workshops around the world and running mentorship programs in West Africa to educate underprivileged photography students. "There is nothing more amazing than having the support and backing from if not the top brand in photo imaging in the world in your photography exploits. As an Ambassador I have a voice that's been amplified because a trusted brand and with confidence I am able to share impactful stories, teachings and inspiration with my peers," said Alakija on joining the program.

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