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3 July 2020

Ever get the feeling you're being watched? We do. Late at nights when we sit down at the keyboard to catch up on our work, we have the feeling eyes are staring at us. And, it turns out, we're right.

For a lark, we went around the room and collected the various little fellows that keep an eye on us all day. We're sure we missed a few. They might have been sheltering in place instead of coming to work.

We set them up in front of a dark background and gave them a somewhat one-sided portrait lighting for a dramatic effect. There were two LEDs we angled to flatter them a bit.

Each week we always spend a good while wondering what to come up for a slide show.

On the camera side of things, we used a +4 converter on a 24-84mm equivalent zoom. Mostly at the telephoto end handheld. At f4 to narrow focus.

Our editing session involved more work than usual.

We started in Lightroom, as we usually do, applying the preset for the camera and tweaking the image after cropping.

But we refined half of them in Photoshop. Each for a different reason.

Throughout it all, we didn't say much. Neither did they. Although we're sure they each have a story to tell. But, we suspect, you can just imagine those stories for yourself and have even more fun with this.

For us, anyway it was a lot of fun. For a mere lark.

Each week we always spend a good while wondering what to come up for a slide show. We worry we've reached the end of the line and won't be able to come up with anything.

But this week, after sitting down with a cup of coffee for a minute, it occurred to us that we weren't alone.

We were being watched.

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