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7 July 2020

Sandra Phillips, the former senior curator of photography at the San Francisco Museum of Art, will be teaching a photography course at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of California at Berkeley.

The online course, titled Photographs and American Lands Use, 1845-2020, will be live streamed and recorded on Monday, Sept. 21, from 2:30 to 4 p.m.

The course description reads:

This course offers a chronological examination of photography related to American land use, from daguerreotypes to digital images. While photography was used around the world to document the control of nature for agriculture and other purposes, in the United States, land has also been used for pleasure. Sites such as Niagara and Yosemite are as characteristic of land use in this country as are the construction of the transcontinental railroad and mining operations. We will examine the history of American land use, how the ideas of conservation evolved, and photography's role in this aspect of our culture.

In describing what she hopes students can take away from the course, Phillips said:

We have a difficult history that we have to deal with in terms of what we've done to native people and to the land itself and we're responsible for it. I mean there are good things that have happened, too. It's not all grim. We have wonderful spaces that have been saved and preserved. We have an environmental movement that's been brave and pretty forward looking and I think that's our future. We just need to try and be better.

After her retirement from SFMOMA, Phillips has been serving as an adjunct curator of photography at the Berkeley Art Museum.

OLLI @Berkeley, as the Osher institute for students over 50 is known, requires a $25 annual membership dues for online participation. In addition to the membership dues, there is a $155 course fee for this subject. The online program uses Zoom and YouTube to livestream and as a video repository.

For more information or to enroll, visit OLLI @Berkeley.

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