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13 July 2020

Passing one of the public schools in our neighborhood the other day, we were struck by the long shadow cast by its name. We hadn't planned to take photographs but we had our smartphone, so we took a shot to remind ourselves about it.

Sometimes these snapshots are like sketches. Not fit for publication but a good reminder to circle back around the same time of day with the right camera and lens to get a better shot.

The smartphone's wide angle lens was particularly unsuited for this image. What you see above is quite a crop, made feasible only by our small 500-pixel image size here.

But it serves as a nice illustration of how to use the smartphone for sketches even if you know it isn't going to deliver the best image. And yes, it's perfectly OK to work the image a bit in image editing software to see what the problems might be before you take that better photo.

It's the perfect mulligan, the defining do-over.

That can't be said about the question of when to reopen schools. No do-over there. No mulligan.

As infection rates soar in an environment with inadequate testing and no vaccine, it's clear the risk to a generation's health is significant. We're only just beginning to see longer-term effects to organ and brain damage. And immunity after infection isn't proving out, either.

So no one actually knows when it will be safe to reopen the schools. The coronavirus is still casting a long shadow on our lives.

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