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Friday Slide Show: Shoes to Save the Planet Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

17 July 2020

During the last few years West Portal Elementary School has been developing a little corner of its location into quite a garden. It's part of the city's public school Green Schoolyards Program in which the schools design usable green space to educate the next generation.

The design process involves parents, students, teachers and administrators. They all pitch in to develop something that works for the students in that neighborhood. Each school comes up with something a little different that may involve small social seating, trees, planting areas, ponds or gardens.

At West Portal School there is a small seating area made of tree stumps and even a small orchard with fruit trees as well as a potting shed for more hands-on projects.

What can you do with old kids shoes?

One of which, we suspect, was the recycled shoes that are the subject of today's slide show.

What can you do with old kids shoes? You can make planters out of them, that's what.

At least that's what they did at West Portal School. And the results are not only a little amusing but inspiring.

They sit on the top railing of a low fence, arrayed in pairs and hosting various succulents which don't require constant attention to survive. They may have been outgrown but they are still able to grow something.

It's heartening to see such a fun project educating tomorrow's leaders. Today they are gardeners of succulents growing in old shoes. But tomorrow they will be guardians of the planet.

What they have learned will come in handy, we suspect.

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