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20 July 2020

As we remain, for the most part, sheltering in place around here, we have left the field to the less intelligent species. Animals and plant life. And they are partying like there's no tomorrow.

Lichen. Olympus E-PL1 capture with 14-42mm II R kit lens at 42mm (84mm equivalent) and f10, 1/100 second and ISO 250. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

They may be right about tomorrow. We'll have to see. Meanwhile, they're enjoying what we've had to abandon.

We mentioned the coyotes that ambled up the street the other day making themselves at home on the lawn in front of the church that hasn't held a service in months.

These things just happen when you aren't looking.

And the birds are having a field day too. We've never washed the windows this much in the 17 years we've been here. In fact, it's the first time we've had to use the long-poled window washing equipment we were given as a gift by a brother-in-law when we moved in.

There is no accounting for the sense of humor of brothers-in-law.

So we weren't entirely surprised to see something growing on the chrome badge of this Toyota. We were, if anything, amused.

The vehicle hadn't been washed in a while and it certainly hasn't rained in recent memory. If anything, the fog fed this growth, which we take to be lichen.

These things just happen when you aren't looking.

We suppose there's a lesson or moral or parable in there somewhere. Left to its own devices the globe will continue to spin.

Humanity is, perhaps, no more than a destructive force at best. Holding ourselves in check is as close to a noble deed as we can get.

Until, that is, we ourselves return to dust.

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