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Hasselblad: Firmware Update 1.3.0, 907X Special Edition Accessories Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

30 July 2020

Hasselblad has released a firmware update for the X1D II 50C and 907x Special Edition with a number of enhancements. The company also announced two new special accessories for the 907x.


Common to both cameras, update provides these features:

  • Set ISO and White Balance in Live View: Quickly set ISO and white balance directly from the camera live view screen using touch.
  • Faster Battery Charging: Charging time with the 3400 mAh battery has been reduced by 20 percent when using the supplied charger.

In addition, the 907x changes add:

  • Compatibility With New Accessories: New accessories for the 907x Special Edition, including Control Grip and Optical Viewfinder, are now compatible with the 907x Special Edition.

The firmware update is available for download now online.


The new accessories for the 907x Special Edition include:

  • Control Grip: The new Control Grip brings essential functions right to the your fingertips with quick adjustment of aperture, shutter speed and fast AF point selection via the joystick control. Additional buttons give quick access to image browsing and menu options. All four buttons on the Control Grip are customizable with the option to choose between 30 different functions. The Control Grip is also an advantage using the touch screen when shooting with gloves on in cold weather conditions.
  • Optical Viewfinder: Reminiscent of the Hasselblad SWC viewfinder, the optional Optical Viewfinder enables simple eye-level shooting. It is easily mounted on the camera body via a cold shoe adapter. The OVF has a wide field of view and markings for XCD 21, 30 and 45mm and a center cross for an autofocus point.

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