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1 August 2020

We've just archived Volume 9, Number 7 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 20 Features, 33 commented News stories, 28 Editor's Notes (which included 199 items of interest), one review and one site note for a total of 83 stories.

That included 37 stories with 190 images, eight stories with gear specifications, one holiday piece and three obits. If you're keeping score at home.

Our 33 news stories were 40 percent of our output, followed closely by our daily Around The Horn column, which accounted for 33 percent. Our 21 features added another 25 percent.

OUR TOP STORIES were a healthy mix of our one review (which was actually two stories), our Around The Horn column and the Paul Fusco obit. The bottom of the top ten was inhabited by our coverage of the Canon R announcements, Women Photograph and the announcement of Mike Giannattasio as the new Leica president.

According to our calculations, June was the 104th month we've published 'Photo Corners.'

If you missed it, though, In Praise of Green (And Red) is worth a peek. It will do your eyes good.

We didn't get to a couple of reviews we'd hoped to have for you. But we expect to have a bit more time in August to work on them.

READERSHIP numbers were incomplete when we wrote this but bounced back from last month to match this year's highs in May. And they may ultimately exceed them.

Our policy of requiring an email address to comment tends to discourage comments but we are always happy to hear from you. We only use your email address to thwart spammers and reply to you alone. No one else will ever see it. So don't be shy.

Unless you're a spammer, of course.

ACCORDING TO OUR CALCULATIONS, June was the 104th month we've published Photo Corners. We only dusted off the solar calculator to figure that out because, for a one-man publication, production has been tenaciously consistent over the years.

We don't mean our output. In July 2013 we published 43 stories, a bit more than half of what we did this July (although twice as many reviews). And our eight Editor's Notes then covered 32 items, a far cry the 199 we covered last month in 28 Around The Horn stories.

If anything, our output has increased dramatically. So no, we don't mean that.

We mean we are publishing tenaciously as we are all suffering the effects of a pandemic and the accompanying economic meltdown in a political environment that only seems to get worse.

Given the circumstances, why are we are talking photography? New gear, techniques, innovative software, pretty pictures? Why does that matter?

We're not nuts, of course. The simple truth is that what we both are doing here heals the mind so it can deal with the stuff that would otherwise damage our lives. It makes us stronger.

And so we go on. Tenaciously.

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