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20 August 2020

It was 9:30 last night when I sat down to write this with the outside temperature still 65 degrees when it would normally be in the mid-fifties. We're having a hot spell after our weekend electrical storm.

The storm ignited wildfires throughout the Bay area where fire fighters are battling not only the flames but high winds, dry air and triple-digit temperatures. The smoke itself has hindered aerial operations. Thousands have been evacuated.

San Francisco county is the only Bay area county that has not reported a wildfire. The fires in the north are generating the smoke you see in our photo above taken in the city.

The totals as of Wednesday night were 124,100 acres burned, destroying 100 structures and damaging 70 others. Another 25,000 are threatened. No casualties and just four civilian injuries.

The air quality index degenerated on Wednesday throughout the day to some of the worst levels worldwide. And it's going to stay that way through Friday.

The last two nights, we could see smoke drifting over the Pacific Ocean. And that's the clearest air in the region. Our patio furniture is coated in white ash.

Not a pretty picture.

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