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17 September 2020

Our caretaking duties have, admittedly, worn us down a bit this strange and trying week. Working on Photo Corners has been a tonic, though. An effortless production system makes it a joy to focus on the work rather than the limitations of the method.

Web. Captured with a Nikon D200 and Nikkor 50mm f1.4 at f8, 1/200 second and ISO 100. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

And so we go on spinning the web we weave here. Looking, that is, for the next spot to spin to rather than worrying about ordering more silk or spinning it just so.

The other thing we've done to restore our energy is code a few little utilities.

We mentioned our Keyboard Maestro macro to display PurpleAir air quality readings in a recent Horn. You can pop in any number of PurpleAir sensor IDs, gleaned from their map, to display their readings at the touch of a keystroke.

That developed from a BitBar plug-in we wrote to show the current air quality from a nearby sensor so we'd know if it was prudent to take our daily constitutional.

We also wrote a BitBar plug-in to display the battery charge level on our new Magic Mouse. Not that it's really necessary. It will take more than a month for that battery to drain.

But we thought it would be nice to see the current level in the menu bar and to color it appropriately (green, dark green, orange, orangered, red) as the level falls.

Small achievements, no doubt, but yielding restorative feelings of accomplishment.

It's how spiders manage their grand ambitions, we suppose.

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