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10 October 2020

Observing " extensive coronavirus safety measures during the pandemic," 212 Photography Istanbul has opened for its third year. The event, which "embracing photography as a universal language," will run through Oct. 18 at several venues around the city.

212 Photography Istanbul's comprehensive program includes exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, discussions, portfolio reviews and an international competition.

Among the photographers showing during the festival are Michal Chelbin, Ouka Leele, Clemens Ascher, Julia Hetta (see her photo above), Ellen Kooi, Maria Svarbova, AES+F, Gregory Escande, Bruno Barbey, Metin Cavus and Begum Yamanlar.

For more information see the news release below.

212 Photography Istanbul Opens in One of the Most Photogenic Cities in the World

Despite the pandemic, Istanbul continues play host to variety of entertaining, informational and captivating cultural events for locals and fellow foreigners. Now in its third year, 212 Photography Istanbul will take place from Oct. 8-18 in Istanbul at five different venues along an exclusive route for the festival. Embracing photography as a universal language, the multidisciplinary festival aims to foster a unique platform for discussions and meetings.

Within the scope of its vision of supporting the arts, culture life and artists, the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency are the main contributors to the festival. 212 Photography Istanbul's comprehensive program includes exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, discussions, portfolio reviews and an international competition.

The Common Language of Photography

Hosting a various leading international and national artists, the multi-directional festival will serve as a source of inspiration with its wide-ranging program.

Some of the artists included in the program are:

  • Michal Chelbin, an Israeli photographer whose works are included in a multitude of collections such as the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and SF Moma
  • Ouka Leele, known for her daring and staggering works
  • Clemens Ascher, renowned for creating clean, minimalistic worlds
  • Julia Hetta, a photographer of the digital era
  • Ellen Kooi, a Dutch photographer representing Borusan Contemporary and is known for placing her characters within spacious decors
  • Maria Svarbova, who gets her inspiration from people and focuses on creating unity and balance in her works
  • AES+F, a Russian ensemble that produces works in the fields of performance, video, installation, animation, painting and sculpture
  • Gregory Escande, a storyteller of sorts who focuses on the unity and the beauty of daily life
  • Bruno Barbey, a Magnum photographer well-known to Istanbulites whose works will be displayed with the cooperation of Fotografevi
  • Metin Cavus who photographs the City Walls of Istanbul
  • Begum Yamanlar who focuses on multi perspective and the boundary between still and moving images in order to express the inner subjective experiences in natural or cultural places

Festival Venues

With the main venue located in Yap Kredi Bomontiada, this year's festival route will also include Istanbul's beloved venues such as Tekfur Palace Museum, Zulfaris Karakoy, Serefiye Cistern and Akaretler Row Houses. The festival will also provide Istanbul lovers with new discovery routes for photography.

Safe Tourism Program

The Turkish government has put extensive coronavirus safety measures during the pandemic period in 2020. All cultural activities are implemented within strict measures.

For more information about the festival visit:

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