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Adobe Stock Launches Artist Development Fund Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

14 October 2020

In a blog post today by Claude Alexandre, Adobe Stock announced it is launching the Artist Development Fund and Adobe Stock free assets to augment the use of and need for diverse Stock assets.

Following are the details on both initiatives.


Adobe Stock's Artist Development Fund will commission a total of $500,000 to artists from underrepresented communities to create diverse assets for Stock's portfolio. This move comes on the heels of insights derived from Adobe's latest Digital Creativity Insights data, finding that creators today are uploading 180 percent more content under social issues each month, finding stock users' searches for "diversity" and "BLM" assets peaked beginning in January through June. Through Adobe Stock's Artist Development Fund, creative and financial opportunities for artists will be created that will spotlight the value of diverse voices and make diverse imagery accessible to all creatives.

"Forty selected artists will use these funds to embark on ambitious new projects in 2021, offsetting costs that too often become barriers to developing new productions, like paying models, renting spaces, and covering equipment costs," Alexandre wrote.


Adobe Stock's free assets will grant users access to a curated collection of 70,000 free stock assets, including assets created by commissioned artists selected for the Artist Development Fund, reinforcing Adobe's mission to offer diverse and high-quality stock for all.

Alexandre noted, "Launching today, the new Adobe Stock free collection includes over 70,000 high-quality, photos, vectors, illustrations, templates, 3D assets, and videos, hand-curated from talented Adobe Stock artists."

Both initiatives are in response to the need for more diverse stock content that the company uncovered in a recent survey that found 89 percent of creatives show interest in diverse and inclusive stock collections, but 74 percent say finding stock content that resonates with the audiences of today is a challenge.

The impact of recent social movements has made it even more important for creatives to have access to culturally relevant and inclusive stock content from around the world, the company said.

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