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26 October 2020

To take a long walk around the block, bring a camera. You'll have to stop every few steps to inspect something interesting, decide if there's anything you can do with it and, if so, do it.

The Hedge. Nikon D200 with 43-86mm Nikkor at 43mm (65mm equivalent) and f8, 1/250 second and ISO 200. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

Best to go alone under those circumstances. The advice, "Hurry up!" is not helpful to the consideration of your subject.

We stopped by this hedge late the other afternoon. The sun had managed to catch the edge of the hedge against the rest of if receding into the evening.

No way we'll hold the highlights, we thought as we lined up the shot. But it will be fun trying.

Shooting Raw, we were able to bring back the highlights and we also deepened the shadows a bit without losing detail before adding a few tones to black to enhance the drama.

We also cropped the shot a little tighter to make the image more intelligible. Fewer leaves, in short, to make the ones there more expressive.

Who knew there would be such drama just around the corner?

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