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27 October 2020

Huffing and puffing through our weight lifting reps yesterday morning, we happened to look a little to our left for a distraction. And there it was. A gift from the gods.

Kissing. Nikon D200 with 43-86mm Nikkor at 43mm (65mm equivalent) and f11, 1/60 second and ISO 200 but at +1 EV. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw 13.

We finished our set, grabbed the D200 and lined up the shot. But we couldn't get the same angle we saw doing our exercises with the antique zoom that doesn't focus very closely. In fact we had to back up quite a bit to get this.

But we made sure to get the reflection on the book title People Kissing and the sunlight radiating through the ukelele strings.

The Aperture Priority capture was a bit darker than what we were seeing, so we cranked the Exposure Compensation up to 1.0. Still, the face of the ukelele was pretty dark.

We recovered that this morning in Adobe Camera Raw. Oddly enough, that's version 13.0 of Camera Raw, installed with the MAX updates that included Photoshop 2021, which we can't run without crashing, as we've reported. It seems to function fine with Photoshop 2020, though.

You can almost hear the strings sing next to the photographs of people kissing, the musical notation providing a wallpaper that suggests all the ways people, like strings, can make music.

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