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28 October 2020

Adobe Stock has released Adobe Stock Creativity Insights, a year-end report revealing insights from Adobe Analytics on over 149 million U.S. visits and millions of asset uploads to Adobe Stock between January 2019 and September 2020.

The end-of-year data report highlights a growing demand for stock content reflecting social issues, Adobe said.


Key findings from the report include:

  • Searches for Covid-19 assets dominated the most searched assets in science and licenses, reaching its peak in March.
    With the exception of June, when Black Lives Matter protests were pronounced, images of people quickly moved from in-person to virtual spaces. There were 5.7x more daily searches for "virtual" after March 13, when a state of emergency was declared nationwide. Video conferencing images have been the most licensed assets since the pandemic started.
  • June saw a large uptick in searches on "diversity," "African American," "Black Lives Matter" and more.
    At the beginning of 2020, searches for "diversity" assets grew substantially (402 percent year-over-year) and reached a high for "BLM" assets in June (810 percent year-over-year) as searches took a more activist tone.
  • On average, creators are uploading 180 percent more content under Social Issues each month.
    Searches and licenses for "protest" assets reached an apex in June (1,100 percent MoM growth for searches and 1,000 percent for licenses) and have seen steady growth YoY going into the fall season, revealing that creatives are taking a stance on social issues.

The full report is available online now.

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